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 PL2   What is a Cruiser Navigation Rally?   

   A Cruiser Navigation Rally is a fun way to practice navigation and satisfy your competitive nature in a friendly environment while enjoying time on the water in your boat. This is not a test of speed but rather a test of navigational accuracy. It doesn’t take a special boat or high-priced electronics, although the use of them is fine, however, it does take a boat, a compass, a tachometer meter, and a chart. It's the sport where virtually every boat owner can compete and have a great time while learning more about boating and navigation!
   The Cruiser Navigation Rallies are similar to road rallies but on the water. All you have to do is predict the time your boat will take to get you from point to point on a designated course. You do the predictions in advance, then run the course in your boat on the day of the rally without a clock. An observer aboard, perhaps your spouse or friend, records the time at each point, then afterward, the actual times are compared with the predictions to determine the error. Trophies are awarded to the winners with the lowest errors at a super fun social gathering following the regatta.

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